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Understanding the Dangers Of Shop-Bought Teeth Whitening Kits


Staining and discolouration can leave you hiding your teeth away, embarrassed to smile. Often caused by smoking, drinking lots of tea and coffee, or eating certain foods, stains are difficult to shift. Whitening toothpaste, coconut oil, and herbal remedies will produce limited results. 

A teeth whitening treatment is one of the most effective ways to brighten your smile. These products use peroxide to whiten teeth. Although this type of treatment is available from dentists, you may have found similar products online, in shops, or offered at your local beauty salon. 

With cheaper products available, you may be tempted to use a DIY whitening treatment instead of booking with a dental professional. But is this safe? And will it provide the same results?

In this article, we’ll compare shop-bought and beauty salon teeth whitening treatments with our professional options.  

How Effective Are Shop-Bought Whitening Treatments?

In the UK, there are strict laws governing teeth whitening. While shops and online retailers can sell DIY whitening kits, there are restrictions on their strength. Legally, DIY whitening kits can only contain 0.1% hydrogen peroxide. Professional whitening treatments may contain up to 6%. 

Immediately, you can see that a DIY treatment lacks the strength needed to tackle anything more than mild staining. Treatments like these can only remove the lightest of surface stains. 

Professional treatments, on the other hand, can whiten stains that are deeply embedded into the pores of your teeth. 

If you see a whitening product for sale online or in a shop with higher percentages of hydrogen peroxide or carbide peroxide, these are being sold illegally. 

How Safe Are Shop-Bought Teeth Whitening Treatments?

A bright smile might make you feel more confident, but using an unsafe treatment could leave you with painful blisters inside your mouth or worse. It’s unlikely you’ll want to show off your new smile if this happens. 

Although DIY whitening kits should only have low levels of hydrogen peroxide, they can still cause harm. 

Before whitening your teeth with us, we’ll check the condition of your dental enamel. Thin or damaged enamel will cause sensitivity and other issues during treatment. We’ll ensure you’re ready for treatment before you can start.

There are no pre-treatment checks for shop-bought products. 

We use two at-home whitening systems that let you brighten your smile in your own time, Enlighten and Phillips Zoom! We’ll provide you with a custom whitening tray designed to fit your mouth. 

DIY whitening products don’t have the same quality bespoke trays meaning the gel may not stay on your teeth as planned. Some products don’t even use trays. 

Are Whitening Treatments From Beauticians Safe and Effective?

The law is very clear about teeth whitening. Only registered dental professionals can provide treatment. Because of the legal regulations surrounding treatment, it means only dental practices can take out insurance to offer whitening. 

Beauty therapists of any description are not permitted to offer teeth whitening, regardless of the strength of the product used. While most beauty businesses don’t provide this treatment, you may find some that do. They will not be trained, licensed, or insured to whiten your teeth. 

How Does Professional Teeth Whitening Work?

At Platinum Dental Care, we use Enlighten and Philips Zoom! Both treatments involve whitening your teeth from home. Treatments take around two weeks. Before your treatment, we’ll give your smile a checkup and take impressions for your custom whitening trays.

During treatment, you’ll wear your whitening trays every night. We’ll teach you how to use the treatment before you begin. Gradually, stains and discolouration will be lifted. 

If you’re brightening your smile using Enlighten, we’ll perform one final whitening treatment in the clinic to complete the process. Enlighten can whiten your teeth to the most natural shade of white possible. 

Teeth Whitening in Canary Wharf

Professional teeth whitening brightens your smile, making it look healthy and radiant. It’s safer and more effective than any DIY whitening kit.

Contact us today to schedule your teeth whitening consultation.

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