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Zo Skin Care

This is one of the world’s leading skincare brands and we are proud to have it available for our patients at Platinum Dental Care.

These potent products will elevate your skin to a whole new level in as little as 6 weeks. If you wish to fully restore your skin health Dr Sarika Shah will carry out a free skin consultation and advise you as to which package of products will suit your skin best. If all you need is a little extra glow, firming or hydration you can pick your favourite(s) from our range of products.

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1. Forehead

Forehead lines (sometimes called Horizontal Brow lines) run across the forehead; they generally become deeper as the skin ages and loses volumes, and can make your expression seem cross or worried.

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3. Marionette lines

These are pronounced ceases that run from the corner of the mouth down to the chin that can worsen with age. The downturn of the corner of your lips can create a ‘sad’ look. By adding filler in the creases and at the corner of your lips we can make the area around the mouth look more rejuvenated. 

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2. Nasio-labial folds 

These folds run from the corner of the nose to towards the lip and are caused by loss of mid-face fat and skin sagging. Adding dermal filler in this area will soften these folds, creating a dramatic change and younger look.

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4. Cheeks

As we age the layers of skin around our cheeks starts to lose elasticity and begin to sag. The bone and soft tissues in this area also start to lose volume. Adding a thicker consistency filler in this area creates more fullness and a defined, uplifted look. This treatment may also reduce the nose to lip creases and under eye hollowness to some degree. 

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5. Lips

This is one of the most commonly treated areas and requires careful, artistic sculpting to achieve a natural but enhanced look. As well as restoring lost volume, lip fillers can also create balance and symmetry to uneven lips and harmony between the lips and other facial features.

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