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Dental Emergencies

Some patients may experience a dental emergency as a result of a traumatic facial injury, unexpected tooth loss, rapid onset of pain or other dental issues.

We offer emergency dental care because it is vitally important to seek professional care as soon as an issue arises for your own health and comfort. At Platinum Dental Care, we will always prioritise dental emergencies that require swift intervention to preserve the long-term oral health of the patient.

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What can I expect from emergency dental treatment?

It is our top priority to maintain your dental health and comfort so we will provide the necessary treatment as quickly as possible to bring you comfort and pain relief whilst also planning for any permanent dental work you may require. For patients experiencing severe discomfort, we can provide medication or treatment to alleviate your symptoms and offer solutions to help you get you back to being comfortable as soon as possible.

We appreciate the social impact of missing teeth so if you have chipped or lost a front tooth we restore the aesthetic look of your smile on the day and also provide long term solutions.

When should I seek emergency dental treatment?

While it is always advisable you seek treatment as soon as any dental problem arise, we understand this may depend on your personal or professional situation and the nature of the issue you are experiencing.

We will do everything we can to help, including offering a variety of appointment times so you can get the emergency care you need.

Common reasons for seeking emergency dental treatment include:

  • Teeth or fillings that have been lost or chipped as a result of traumatic injury
  • Loose or broken crowns, dentures or fillings
  • Damaged braces
  • Oral pain, including erupting or impacted wisdom teeth
  • Dental abscesses or facial swelling

What emergency dental treatments are available?

Your dentist will give you all the options available to save a vulnerable tooth and help avert any further problems. The appropriate longer-term restorative solution will also be given, but we offer a number of effective interim treatments that can give you relief from any discomfort in the short-term.

What are the benefits of an emergency dental appointment?

Prompt treatment is the best option for relieving any pain or discomfort following a dental emergency. Oral pain causes headaches and can be a distraction from work and other daily activities. It can also make eating challenging and may eventually worsen to the point that it has a serious impact on your dental health and overall well-being.

Taking charge and seeking dental care quickly can save you from needing more serious, and possibly more expensive and invasive, dental treatment in the long term. At Platinum Dental Care, we prioritise your care and comfort, so dental problems don’t impact your daily life.

How will I feel after treatment?

You should ideally feel better and be able to gradually return to your everyday activities. Most importantly, we hope you will feel reassured about seeking emergency dental treatment in the future and be confident you took the best approach for the longevity of your dental health.

How long will emergency treatment last?

Depending on availability, emergency appointments are 15-30 minutes long. Our staff will do everything they can to plan your care effectively and avoid disrupting your schedule.

How much does emergency dental treatment cost?

Exact costs will depend on your dental emergency and the treatment required.

Seeking immediate care can help to improve the number of treatment options available to you, saving you money in the long term. Leave it too long, and you may end up spending more on a costlier and more invasive procedure down the line.

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