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Welcome to Platinum Dental Care!

We know that a visit to the dentist can be daunting, so we’ve created a journey to allow our patients to have the most comfortable experience, in every way.

Our friendly, dedicated team is always there to help you in any way they can, in all things dental.

Step 1

Enjoy a thorough Dental health check

We usually see all new patients for a dental examination first, so that we can carry out a full oral health check including the jaws, muscles, teeth and gums, and give you the prevention advice you need. If you require treatment, your dentist will explain your options and treatment to you, and then provide you with a clearly outlined treatment plan with the costs and appointments needed.

Step 2

Mouth cancer check

With cancer on the rise we understand that patients are worried about cancer and as we know the earlier the detection the better the chance of recovery.

 Our dentists will carry out a routine mouth cancer check at every examination. If something abnormal is detected we will immediately refer you to a specialist for further investigations and a full diagnosis, as-well as give you the support you need.

Step 3

Prevent Gum Disease

Very often gum disease can be present without showing any symptoms and will only be noticeable at its later, more irreversible stages. 

Our dentists, dental hygiene and therapists take gum disease seriously. We will do an oral hygiene and gum disease check at every examination and hygiene appointment and give you all the necessary advice to prevent it.


Step 4

Are you Anxious?

We know that for some of you its not easy coming to the dentist, so our entire team is there to support you throughout your dental journey with us.

We often see anxious patients and manage to treat them successfully using methods to help you relax and stay in complete control of your treatment.

Step 5

Save money

Attending your check-ups regularly will mean we can prevent, detect and treat any dental problems early allowing you to save money and your teeth!

Step 6

Make a donation

For every dental check -up, the practice donates to our charities, helping to improve oral health and wellbeing to those less fortunate.

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