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Port East Building Hertsmere Road Canary Wharf London E14 4AE

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The F word….(Flossing of course!)

The importance of interdental cleaning Every time you go to the dentist you a re asked about your…

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The dreaded C word…..

Cancer is such a scary concept; the word itself can give you shivers, but it is not something to…

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5 Ways to brighten up your smile for summer

It’s no secret that here in Canary Wharf we all spend ridiculous amounts of money and time on…

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What are implants?

I’m sure you will have heard the word before when talking about teeth but a lot of my…

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Introducing our newest dentist Dr Colin Conway

Introducing our newest dentist Dr Colin Conway We are excited to introduce the latest addition to the team…

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Why Canary Wharf smokers should consider a cosmetic makeover?

It’s no secret that smoking causes serious damage to your health as well as your teeth. Cigarettes contain…

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