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Tooth Whitening in London: Q&A


London Teeth Whitening Q&A

Woman teeth Every single day, there are literally thousands of people searching for information on teeth whitening in London. At least, that’s what Google’s research tools tell us.  Of course, before people embark on something which can completely change their appearance (for the better, I’d add), it is likely that they are going to have some questions.   Below you’ll find a few of the most frequently asked questions to get you started.

What is Tooth Whitening?

Whilst that may sound like quite an obvious question, there are now many methods available for tooth whitening in London, and all very different.  Currently, at our practice in Canary Wharf we use a system known as ‘Enlighten Whitening’.   This technique involves the use of hydrogen peroxide to allow oxygen to flow into the tooth, ultimately breaking down those aged tooth stains.

The procedure is simple and takes 2 weeks for 95% of our London patients. The dentist takes an accurate mould of your teeth and sends this to Enlighten’s dedicated teeth whitening laboratory where your personalised ‘super sealed’ bleaching trays are made. You wear the trays for 14 nights and then visit the Platinum London Dental Care surgery on the 15th day for a 40 minute in surgery session.

Who can actually perform tooth whitening in London?

In London, tooth whitening was declared a form of dentistry by the General Dental Council, the regulatory board in charge of the profession.   This means that the only people who are able to carry out teeth whitening in London, or anywhere else for that matter, need to be highly qualified dental professionals.  This of course means a dentist, hygienist or even a dental therapist.   You may find that some beauty salons offer the treatment, but if there is no dental practitioner on site, then this is highly illegal, and very few people realise that they are putting their health at risk when they go down this route.

How white can you make my teeth?

The technique that we use here at our Dentist in Docklands is known as ‘Enlighten Whitening’ and can make your teeth up to an amazing sixteen shades wider. Results do of course vary depending on the technique that is used.  Enlighten is the only whitening system in the world to guarantee VITA shade B1, irrespective of starting shade.

What types of whitening are there?

Essentially there are two different types of whitening, and both of them are effective if you want that stunning smile and whitened teeth.  Combined, you’ll have stunningly white teeth in no time.

1. The first type is a simple home whitening procedure. For this, you will visit to our Docklands Dental Surgery and we will take an impression of your teeth in order to make a personalised mouth guard.  You will then be supplied with some bleaching gel and given instructions on how you can use the gel to whiten your teeth.   How long this stage takes depends on the type of gel used, in some cases it can be as little as a week.

2.  The second stage is our Docklands Surgery In-Chair Enlighten Whitening.   This involves a one hour session with our dentist after home tooth whitening (stage one) has occurred.   During this procedure, our dentist will paint a strong tooth bleaching product onto your teeth, which will give you that movie star smile that you desire.

Is my Tooth Whitening Going to be Permanent?

Tooth Whitening isn’t really permanent, although if you follow a couple of good teeth whitening maintenance practices, you will give your teeth a better chance of retaining their whiteness.   This means wearing your bleaching tray one night every month, and avoiding things which can stain your teeth such as coffee and smoking.

Will my false teeth be whitened too?

Sadly not. Any ‘false teeth’, whether they are dentures, crowns, veneers or fillings cannot be whitened. You may wish to change these after your treatment to retain a uniform look in your mouth.

Are there any risks to tooth whitening?

As long as you use a London Dentist that’s experienced in tooth whitening you should find that the risks are minimal.   In fact, the most you will usually experience (and only in very rare cases at that) is gum inflammation and sensitivity of your teeth.

Remember, before you engage in tooth whitening you should always have a full dental check carried out. Therefore, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our London dental practice here on 020 7531 1717 or via our contact page to book a tooth whitening appointment.

For further information concerning our tooth whitening procedures, click here.


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