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Port East Building Hertsmere Road Canary Wharf London E14 4AE

Invisalign Open Week 20th May to 26th May 2024

Are you Ready to Transform your Smile, uplift your confidence and change your Life!


What's included in the offer

• Complimentary consultation 

3D digital scan and simulation to see what your teeth will look like following treatment worth £150 – CUTTING EDGE TECHNOLOGY 

• Panoramic XRay worth £65 (if required) – TO ENSURE SAFE TREATMENT IS COMPLETED

• Remote Dental Monitoring including home scan box worth £450 (if required) – REDUCE IN-PRACTICE VISITS, BUT BEING MONITORED REMOTELY EVERY WEEK BY OUR TEAM

• Vivera ® Removable Retainers worth £500 – GOLD STANDARD RETAINERS

• Home Teeth whitening worth £350 (for Full/Comprehensive and Dual Arch Lite cases) – BRIGHTENING UP THE NEW STRAIGHT SMILE


Why Choose Dr Sarika Shah and her team for your smile transformation


We all love our patients and taking them on this life changing journey – customer service is paramount to us – Read our online google reviews from some of our extremely happy patients

Cutting Edge Equipment

We have invested the latest 3D scanners and remote digital monitoring equipment – what this means for you is we are able to complete fully accurate digital treatment planning as well as monitoring your progress to ensure you start your treatment perfectly and complete journey efficiently and most importantly get the best results. You get the best of both worlds – weekly monitoring of your progress by our team, but at the same time less in practice visits (saving a typical patient a total of total of 8 hours of their valuable time!)  One of very few practices in London who offer BOTH sets of this cutting edge technology/equipment which we are including at no cost to you.

Clinical Results:

We always aim for perfect results, if that means giving you more aligners, then so be it, at no extra cost. Ofcourse you have to do your part and follow all our instructions! We just want the best for you in the quickest time possible


We recognise you are making a commitment and investment to transfrom your smile, but we want it to last forever. For that reason we offer the premium Vivera® Retainers (not the cheaper Essix retainers that many other dentists may provide you) after you have completed your treatment free of charge. Not only that, we will give you 3 sets – Vivera’s are gold standard retainers to ensure your teeth position is maintained for the years to come.       


10+ years’ experience in providing Invisalign, Treated over 1000 cases.       


Winners of the 2020 & 2021 Private Dentistry Awards & recognised by Invisalign as a Platinum Elite II provider

Did you know? Platinum Dental Care is the only practice in the area to offer an iTero Scanner combined with dental monitoring (so we can monitoring your progress remotely) to help ensure we create the perfect smile most effectively around your lifestyle. 

REFER A FRIEND: Free 1 years worth of top-up tooth whitening worth £80 and £35 voucher to use for Facial Aesthetics with Dr Sarika Shah if you refer a friend who starts Invisalign treatment with us.

Payment plans We offer flexible pay as go payment options spread over the course of your treatment OR we offer 0% finance over 1 to 5 years

Why Invisalign®?

• Virtually invisible

• No wires/metal

• Removable when you eat and drink.

• No change in diet

• Easy to clean your teeth and gums


(transparent pricing – no hidden extras – all inclusive premium packages)

What some of our patients are saying?


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