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Why Canary Wharf smokers should consider a cosmetic makeover?


It’s no secret that smoking causes serious damage to your health as well as your teeth. Cigarettes contain substances that can affect the gum which becomes weakened by diseases which can form in the area.

Many heavy smokers have damaged gums which can trigger pain from bleeding, bad breath, misaligned structures as well as other serious issues.

Smokers usually require more dental care compared to non-smokers as smoking cigarettes is the leading cause of tooth loss with smoking also contributing to poor oral hygiene.

Smoking can also increase the chances of a person suffering from:

– Loss of the supporting bone structure

– Gum disease – Inflammation and heavy bleeding

– Leukoplakia – Oral, lung or throat cancer

– Severely stained teeth

– Bad breath, which is hard to overcome

– An accelerated build-up of tartar

If you are a smoker now is the ideal time to book an appointment with your Canary Wharf dentist who can help you to reverse some of the damage done to your oral health by performing a Cosmetic makeover. This can include mouth reconstruction as well as several other cosmetic dental procedures.

A Cosmetic makeover will address many issues and conditions which need to be treated before any cosmetic procedure is applied. If a patient needs root canal, or tooth bonding or dental implants, they will need to complete these treatments before applying veneers or teeth whitening.


If you are a smoker, make sure that you visit your dentist and hygienist at least twice a year to make sure that any symptoms are recognised and treated as quickly as possible. Smokers are most prone to mouth cancer and a trip to your dentist can save your life.

Smokers should be aware that even with good oral hygiene and regular visits to the dentist, bone loss can still occur.

If you have tried to give up smoking but struggle with this, you should try to limit other damaging habits such as cutting out sugary drinks, which include fizzy drinks and alcohol. Cutting out alcohol will also help reduce your chances of mouth cancer as drinkers, as well as smokers, are more are risk. At Platinum Dental Care, we have a new hygienist who can clean up those unwanted nicotine stains which is a perfect solution for smokers. If you live in London or in and around Canary Wharf, Platinum Dental Care can provide you with advice and tips on how to improve your oral hygiene. Call today on 020 7531 1717 to improve or maintain your smile.

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