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What are implants?


I’m sure you will have heard the word before when talking about teeth but a lot of my patients in Canary Wharf don’t fully understand what implants are and so here’s a brief overview of what implants are. Implants are something used to replace a gap, either a single tooth or multiple teeth. They are made from titanium and screwed into the bone where your natural tooth used to be. Sometimes if there isn’t enough bone to support the implant then artificial bone can be added to the area before placing the implant. This is called a Bone graft. The titanium implant is usually given some time for your body to accept it and then a post or screw is placed in the implant with a crown placed on top. Of course if there is more than one tooth missing then the implant can support bridges or dentures too to fill larger gaps. Implants are a very popular treatment in Canary Wharf to replace missing teeth as they are a fixed solution and something that if looked after, with regular hygienist visits and very good oral hygiene, can last you a very long time. At Platinum Dental Care our implants are placed by our wonderful dentists Dr Ronak Patel and Dr Marios Hadjicharalambous. Book your implant consultation with them where they will listen to your needs and concerns and advise you on the possibility of implants for you. Often one of the questions that i’m asked is ‘Will it hurt?’ Placing implants doesn’t hurt as this is done under regular local anaesthetic however it can feel a little uncomfortable after placement until the gum heals just like an extraction. But regular painkillers are usually more than enough to deal with this discomfort. Dental-Implant-13

What is the Process?

1. Consultation with the implant dentist 2. Scan of jaws to assess bone levels 3. If suitable – implant placement 4. 3-4 months later- crown placed on top of the implant 5. Review It is essential that you see our hygienist after implant placement so that she can show you exactly how to keep your implant clean as inflammation and the equivalent of gum disease around your implant is one of the main reasons it can fail. Book your appointment today with Dr Kashif Saeed or Dr Colin Conway to discuss filling those gaps that you may have or replace the dentures that may affect your confidence or prevent you from eating comfortably. They are happy to help. If you already have implants but haven’t been shown how to look after them properly then please make sure you see our wonderful hygienist Yana for some advice on how to keep your implants healthy. Call us on 02075311717 or email us at for more information or to book with us at Platinum Dental Care in Canary Wharf.

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