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The dreaded C word…..


Cancer is such a scary concept; the word itself can give you shivers, but it is not something to avoid discussing, catching cancer at its earliest stages increases survival rates by 90%!

Advice and awareness for breast, cervical, lung, prostate and bowel cancer is advertised everywhere but how often do you hear about oral cancer? Do you know that our dentists carry out oral cancer checks at every examination? Well it’s true and we take it very seriously here at Platinum Dental Care in Canary Wharf.

What are the risk factors

Cancer research UK says that 91% of oral cancer cases could have been preventable; it’s all about knowing your risk factors.  This 91% was suspected to have had oral cancer due to lifestyle choices hence they were avoidable to an extent.

  • Smoking or chewing tobacco has been the cause of 61% of cancer patients, bin those cancer sticks!
  • Excessive drinking of spirits,
  • Even your diet contributes, there are many studies detailing foods that can help prevent cancer.
  • The remaining 9% of oral cancer patients were due to risks out of our control such as family history. If you have a family history of cancer then you may have a higher risk and it is important to know the symptoms and keep regular checks.
  • Age is also a factor as it is most common to have mouth cancer between the ages of 60-65.



Cancer can present itself on the tongue, lips, cheeks, salivary glands, tonsils and any soft tissue in your mouth. Dentists are trained to find even the smallest of symptoms, here are the most common;

  • Sore, irritated patch in the mouth
  • Red or white spot
  • Numbness
  • Resistant cough / sore throat
  • Pain in your ears
  • Small lump
  • Trouble with swallowing / chewing
  • Ulcers that don’t heal

These are all symptoms for many other conditions however if they persist for more than 3 weeks then don’t risk it, come and get it checked.

There has been a correlation found between all types of cancer and poor dental hygiene, a hygiene appointment starts at a cost as little as £65.00 is your life worth this? Can us now to book you hygiene visit with our wonderful hygienist Yana at our Canary Wharf clinic.

If you feel that you have one too many risks or symptoms there is no harm in giving us a call to discuss your concerns with us.  Our full examination appointment which will include a soft tissue / cancer check costs only £50.  We can also advise on what type of hygiene appointment is right for you.

So that overdue dental check-up that you have been putting off and trying to fit into your busy schedule could just save your life, literally!

Give us a call at Platinum Dental Care on 02075311717 or you can email us on We are based in the heart of Canary Wharf and Docklands.

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