What is Cerezen?

Cerezen is a revolutionary medical device that effectively treats TMD and associated symptoms such as Jaw Pain, Clenching and Headaches.

Clinically proven and almost invisible, the Cerezen devices can be worn day or night. They’re comfortable because they’re custom-made for you.

“TMD is extremely common and as a dentist, I see it day in and day out. The biggest cause for teeth grinding is stress, and we can’t tell people to stop leading stressful lives. By introducing Cerezen we’re reducing the impact that grinding has on our patients’ teeth.”

How does Cerezen™ work to stop teeth grinding and clenching?

The Cerezen™ device is worn in the ear canals, which are closely associated with the joint that attaches the jawbone to the skull. When a person’s jaw hinges open, the width of the ear canals change.

When wearing the Cerezen™ device, you are putting a gentle pressure on the ear canal, which causes a subtle change in jaw alignment, allowing the jaw to relax and breaking the tension that induces clenching. Cerezen™ will gently correct your jaw movements back to a relaxed, natural position to prevent the discomfort that is often associated with teeth grinding and clenching.

What are the benefits of Cerezen™?

Cerezen™ is an innovative removable medical device that is inserted into the ear canal to gently correct teeth grinding and clenching. Cerezen™ is removable, discreet, and can be worn both during the day and through the night. It must be removed when swimming, showering or when you are participating in a contact sport.

What does Cerezen™ involve?

Your dentist recommends you to an audiologist to take ear impressions while your jaw is in an open position. Your bespoke device is created from the impressions and is fitted about two weeks after your initial appointment.

Am I a candidate for Cerezen™?

You may benefit from Cerezen™ if you experience any of the following:

  • Tooth grinding
  • Jaw clenching
  • Headaches
  • Neck Pain
  • Jaw stiffness
  • Ear pain
  • Throbbing or aching in the jaw joint or face

Does Cerezen™ hurt?

Cerezen™is comfortable to wear. It gently makes the wearer more aware of their jaw movements and allows them to self-correct and relax the jaw.

The dental professionals at Platinum Dental Care can provide guidance as to the Cerezen™ device for patients suffering from bruxism.

Are there side effects?

No side effects have been reported. It does not affect your hearing and you cannot lose the device in your ear.

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