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5 Ways to brighten up your smile for summer

It’s no secret that here in Canary Wharf we all spend ridiculous amounts of money and time on our appearance from clothes to skincare and we all take pride in it, however when it comes to our smile are we putting in the same effort? Well at Platinum Dental Care, … Read more

Healthy Teeth and How Diet Affects This

Having cavities in your mouth can dramatically change your life, and as with most things, prevention is far better than a cure.  In this article I will run you through a couple of things that will ensure that you remain with good oral health, and how a healthy diet can … Read more

Tooth Whitening in London: Q&A

  London Teeth Whitening Q&A Every single day, there are literally thousands of people searching for information on teeth whitening in London.  At least, that’s what Google’s research tools tell us.  Of course, before people embark on something which can completely change their appearance (for the better, I’d add), it … Read more

New year….New You!

As we say goodbye to 2012 what better way to start 2013 than with a new smile…. The perfect smile. Have you been dreading the Christmas photos due to the worry of having to smile and show your teeth? Then why not come see us at Platinum Dental Care where … Read more