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Platinum Dental Care introduce a new tiered hygiene system from January 2015


Our dentists concentrate on treating tooth and gum conditions, which is why it’s often necessary for you to also visit our hygienists, who are specially trained to help prevent problems from arising.

Platinum Dental Care has recently welcomed our new hygienist, Yana, who will be offering a new tiered hygiene system from January 2015. As a hygienist one of Yana’s most important roles is to help educate patients on the best ways to keep teeth free of plaque.  This can help to prevent gum disease which can eventually lead to tooth loss. Not only removing the tartar that builds up on your teeth, Yana will also give you advice on how you can prevent it from coming back.  If required, she will also give you advice on making changes to your diet which can also reduce the rate at which your teeth decay.

Simply Refresh  £65 – 30 minutes A simple clean can go a long way to refresh your teeth and gums.  Your teeth will be left looking and feeling much fresher.

Superior Oral Cleanse  £90 – 45 minutes This includes a spectacular and comprehensive examination of your gums and soft tissues.  A full and thorough cleaning followed by oral hygiene advice tailored specifically to you.

Platinum Elite Clean  £115 – 1 hour This treatment includes the full works! All of the above finished off with our advanced air flow polishing treatment, designed to remove stubborn staining leaving your teeth looking and feeling great.

A not to be missed opportunity to see in the New Year with a new look.

For more information on teeth whitening, or to make a hygiene appointment, call Platinum Dental Care on 020 7531 1717.

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