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It’s all about the kids! Part 1


This week’s blog is the first of 3, all about the little people in our lives, especially their teeth! Parents aren’t usually given a lot of information about their children’s teeth and so this blog has been written to try and answer some of the common questions we are asked by parents visiting us.

At what age do children’s teeth come through?

There are no hard and fast rules with this, every child is individual. Some start teething early and can have their first milk tooth come through as early as 3 months, others can take a little longer and come through at 8-9 months.

All 20 baby teeth are usually through by the age of 2 and a half years. The first adult teeth start coming out at the back of the mouth at around 6 years, at the same

time your child’s front baby teeth start to wobble and fall out. All their adult teeth are usually through by the age of 13 except wisdom teeth, these usually make an appearance around 18-25 years.

So there’s a lot going on in those tiny mouths of theirs!

baby teeth

When should I take my child to the dentist?

At Platinum Dental Care, we recommend that you start bringing your child to the dentist at around 2 years old. The first few visits usually involve a play in the dental chair, having a play with our dental mirrors and generally acclimatising children. We recommend you bring them along with you at your dental examinations for this. Then as they become happier with visiting us and get used to the smells, sounds and surroundings we gently ease them into their own dental examinations.

The earlier children are exposed to the dental environment, the more relaxed they are. Also the sooner we see them, the sooner we can discuss their diet and oral hygiene habits with you and pick up any problems early such as dental caries/decay.

And remember, children can sense fear in their parents very quickly. Try not to discuss any of your own dental fears in front of them. It is important that children don’t feel that a visit to the dentist is something to worry about.

What will their first dental examination consist of?

In our practice your child’s initial dental examination will consist of checking the number of teeth that have come through and that this is correct for their age. We check for any developmental anomalies such as joined teeth, missing teeth. We check for any signs of decay/caries, erosion. Next we will look at how clean the teeth are and the condition of the gums.

This is followed by a discussion with mum or dad about what we have found, and we will advise on oral hygiene and diet advice tailored to your child. We then go on to show your child how to brush their teeth using our models and toothbrushes.


If you have any  further questions or would like to book an examination for your child then please Call us now on 02075311717 or email us at,we look forward to seeing your little munchkins and making their dental visits enjoyable!

Next week in part two of this blog we will be looking at oral hygiene for children. We will be answering when and how to start brushing your children’s teeth and which toothpaste and toothbrush they should be using!

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