Tooth coloured fillings

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White fillings
Natural-looking fillings perfectly matched to the shade of your teeth

White fillings – or, more accurately, tooth-coloured fillings – have increased in popularity dramatically over the last few years. Now stronger and more long-lasting, they can be used anywhere in the mouth – not just at the front. Patients who have previously had amalgam fillings tell us they really appreciate the freedom to eat, laugh, or even yawn – without displaying a row of fillings to the world!

Mercury-free fillings… almost invisible to the eye
Here at our London practice, we use the only highest quality white fillings to ensure that your smile stays healthy-looking and beautiful. These fillings are mercury free and can be matched to the colour of your surrounding teeth – so your filling will be almost impossible to spot.

White fillings or silver… the choice is yours
We do sometimes use silver fillings at Platinum Dental Care, where we feel that they’re the best choice for a particular issue. But we’ve found that, quite understandably, many patients prefer the aesthetic results that we can achieve with white composite fillings.

Cosmetic dentistry combined with excellent performance
Because white composite fillings bond to the teeth, they can effectively restore the tooth’s original strength as well as its natural appearance. In addition, they require less removal of the tooth structure, leaving a smaller hole to be filled – this means they actually maintain the tooth’s integrity more effectively than silver fillings. Teeth restored with composite fillings also tend to be less sensitive to hot and cold than teeth restored using an amalgam filling.