Smile makeovers

We are so happy for you Sara. It is so satisfying for us when our patients get the results they want. Thank you for recommending us! Happy smiling.

Taking the individual approach to help you achieve your perfect smile

Some people come to us at Platinum Dental Care knowing that they’re interested in a particular cosmetic treatment – veneers, teeth whitening or teeth straightening perhaps.
Others only know that they aren’t quite happy with their smile and want to do something about it. If this sounds like you, a smile makeover is just what you need.

The idea of a smile makeover is simply that we carry out a detailed consultation, where your dentist will carefully examine every aspect of your smile. Then you can talk over what you like about it, what you don’t and what you’d like to achieve. We’ll recommend treatments to help you get there – as much or as little as may be needed to do the job right.

Combining the right treatments for you as an individual
Smile Makeovers are unique to each individual and may include white fillings, bespoke veneers supplied by our high quality lab, teeth straightening and teeth whitening. Naturally we’ll respect your budget as well as your priorities, and we’ll discuss a range of treatment options to suit.

“A confident and happy smile really does make life more beautiful. Unfortunately, many people are unhappy with their smile and spend their lives feeling self-conscious, hiding in the background of family pictures and even talking from behind the cover of their hand. Smile Makeovers offer a long-term solution that can transform how you look and feel about yourself for the better.”
Dr Sarika Shah