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Why Canary Wharf smokers should consider a cosmetic makeover?

It’s no secret that smoking causes serious damage to your health as well as your teeth. Cigarettes contain substances that can affect the gum which becomes weakened by diseases which can form in the area. Many heavy smokers have damaged gums which can trigger pain from bleeding, bad breath, misaligned … Read more

How patients in Canary Wharf can keep a younger looking smile

We all want to look younger than our actual age and as the years tick by our teeth can become stained from the consumption of food and beverages. Looking after our teeth and smile is a great way of keeping a more youthful appearance. Here at Platinum Dental Care our team … Read more

Benefits of good oral hygiene

  Recent health studies have shown that there is a link between good health and good oral hygiene. With this in mind, it is important to make sure that you keep your teeth and gums looking and feeling clean and fresh. Here’s how you can benefit from keeping your teeth … Read more

Five reasons to invest in an eco friendly tooth brush

Many people are now going green by investing in environmental friendly products for the home as well as recycling household waste. One of the latest trends is the launch of Bamboo toothbrushes; if you have never heard of these brushes it’s time to check out one of the healthiest, sustainable … Read more

Top 5 best selling UK toothpastes on Amazon

With so many different toothpastes to choose from it can be difficult finding one that suits us best. Here are the top 5 best selling UK toothpastes sold by online retailers Amazon: White Glo Coffee + Tea Drinkers Formula Whitening Toothpaste White Glo Smokers Formula is a premium fluoride enriched … Read more

So you know what you want, but how can you pay for it?

Payment options that won’t break the bank! This weeks blog is for all those people who know what they want, but think, ‘I just can’t afford it’. Well don’t despair, be it 6 month smiles, Invisalign, lots of fillings or a new smile, there are a number of options that … Read more

Bad breath? Look no further…..

BAD BREATH? Are you suffering from bad breath? But don’t really know why it’s happening or what to do about it? Then carry on reading because this week I’m going to be covering everything to do with this pesky problem! Do I have bad breath? Isn’t it awful when you … Read more

It’s all about the kids Part 2!

We hope you found last week’s blog useful, this week we’ll be continuing on this topic but focussing on tooth brushing and oral hygiene. When and how do I start brushing my child’s teeth? As soon as your child’s milk teeth begin coming through it’s important to begin a tooth … Read more

The impact of eating disorders on your teeth.

This week is Eating Disorder Awareness week (24th Feb-2nd March) Did you know that around 1.6 million people in the UK are affected by some form of an eating disorder, 40% of these are bulimic. Bulimia can cause many health problems including dehydration, sore throats, kidney and bowel problems as well as … Read more