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The dreaded C word…..

Cancer is such a scary concept; the word itself can give you shivers, but it is not something to avoid discussing, catching cancer at its earliest stages increases survival rates by 90%! Advice and awareness for breast, cervical, lung, prostate and bowel cancer is advertised everywhere but how often do you … Read more

5 Ways to brighten up your smile for summer

It’s no secret that here in Canary Wharf we all spend ridiculous amounts of money and time on our appearance from clothes to skincare and we all take pride in it, however when it comes to our smile are we putting in the same effort? Well at Platinum Dental Care, … Read more

What are implants?

What are implants? I’m sure you will have heard the word before when talking about teeth but a lot of my patients in Canary Wharf don’t fully understand what implants are and so here’s a brief overview of what implants are. Implants are something used to replace a gap, either … Read more

Platinum Dental Care introduce Air polishing

  Canary Wharf’s Platinum Dental Care are now offering air polishing to patients who want to remove stains on the front and back of their teeth and bring back that healthy white smile in 2015. The Air Flow Polishing treatment that was developed by Swiss company E.M.S. Electro Medical Systems … Read more

Five reasons to invest in an eco friendly tooth brush

Many people are now going green by investing in environmental friendly products for the home as well as recycling household waste. One of the latest trends is the launch of Bamboo toothbrushes; if you have never heard of these brushes it’s time to check out one of the healthiest, sustainable … Read more

Top 5 best selling UK toothpastes on Amazon

With so many different toothpastes to choose from it can be difficult finding one that suits us best. Here are the top 5 best selling UK toothpastes sold by online retailers Amazon: White Glo Coffee + Tea Drinkers Formula Whitening Toothpaste White Glo Smokers Formula is a premium fluoride enriched … Read more

Bad breath? Look no further…..

BAD BREATH? Are you suffering from bad breath? But don’t really know why it’s happening or what to do about it? Then carry on reading because this week I’m going to be covering everything to do with this pesky problem! Do I have bad breath? Isn’t it awful when you … Read more

It’s all about the kids Part 3!

This week’s blog will finish our 3 part series giving an overview about children’s teeth. We have already covered topics such as when to take children to the dentist, tooth brushing, toothbrushes and toothpaste. Now let’s discuss tooth decay and toothache. So what is tooth decay? In very simple terms tooth … Read more

It’s all about the kids Part 2!

We hope you found last week’s blog useful, this week we’ll be continuing on this topic but focussing on tooth brushing and oral hygiene. When and how do I start brushing my child’s teeth? As soon as your child’s milk teeth begin coming through it’s important to begin a tooth … Read more

It’s all about the kids! Part 1

It’s all about the kids! Part 1   This week’s blog is the first of 3, all about the little people in our lives, especially their teeth! Parents aren’t usually given a lot of information about their children’s teeth and so this blog has been written to try and answer … Read more