Meet the team

Passionate, experienced dental professionals who put patients first

Here at Platinum Dental Care we’ve put together a team of dedicated, approachable people who will take a genuine interest in your individual needs and aspirations.

Each member of our team here in Canary Wharf is committed to providing you with the very best in dental healthcare. They’re great dentists and care providers… and they’re great listeners too.

We’ll always take the time to make sure you feel in control of your treatment. We’ll communicate clearly and answer your questions directly and understandably.

Follow the links to find out about the people who’ll be looking after you, their professional interests, qualifications and approach to delivering excellent dental care.

“it’s not your typical dental visit, I like to think it’s a lot more personable and the beginning of a trusting relationship.”
Dr Sarika Shah, Clinical Director at Platinum Dental Care