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5 Ways to brighten up your smile for summer


It’s no secret that here in Canary Wharf we all spend ridiculous amounts of money and time on our appearance from clothes to skincare and we all take pride in it, however when it comes to our smile are we putting in the same effort?

Well at Platinum Dental Care, we have 5 easy ways to help you revitalise your teeth and get you back on track to give you that summer feeling!

  1. HEALTHY SMILES – Let’s start with the basics; your dental health should be your first concern. We have a variety of fabulous, highly qualified dentists who will dedicate an hour of their time to give you a full check-up which includes an oral cancer screening, soft tissue examination, tooth inspection, gum disease assessment and 2 x-rays if needed. You can get this for only £50.00 and be safe int he knowledge that your mouth is nice and healthy!
  2. STAIN FREE SMILES – Once your dental health has been taken care of by the dentist we can really get to the fun part. Only here does our wonderful hygienist Yana, offer a 1 hour Platinum Elite Clean for only £115. This really is the full works; oral hygiene advice tailored to your specific needs, a thorough cleaning of your teeth and advanced air flow polishing treatment designed to remove stubborn staining. Yana is known for her caring approach, she aims at a pain free experience and she is qualified to numb you up with our spray or regular anaesthetic if you feel you need it.
  3. HOME WHITENING – My personal favourite from our summer selection is the Home whitening kit. We can offer that to you for only £350, we provide 6 tubes of whitening gel with your custom made trays. We show you how to apply the gel and wear it in the comfort of your own home. Wear them whilst watching your favourite soap or even wear them through the night when you’re sleeping whichever is more convenient to you. This is the best way to gradually whiten your smile over around 14 days. And you a re in full control, as soon as you are happy with the colour of your teeth you can stop whitening. This is our most popular whitening here in Canary Wharf.
  4. ENLIGHTEN IN CHAIR WHITENING – Next up is the In chair whitening, this ideal for those whir early want their teeth to be as white as they can but don’t want to do the take home whitening of longer than 14 days. Then we can speed up the process by giving you everything the home kit offers and a session in surgery with the dentist where much stronger gels are applied to your teeth to take them as white as they will go. With this treatment we can even guarantee a shade for you. All of this comes at a price of £500 and is completely safe. Give us a call on 02075311717 for your Canary Wharf smile!P1040934


  5. BOTOX – Once those now pearly whites are sparkling and you just want to go that bit extra then we have the thing for you. Botox is becoming a more and more popular treatment here at Platinum Dental Care. Starting with a free consultation and the prices we have, you just can’t go wrong; Starting from £190 you can leave here with a smoother younger looking face. Why not call us to find out a little bit more about how to look your best this summer.

So what are you waiting for!

Summer is on its way and we are waiting for your call. Call us at Platinum Dental Care, Canary Wharf on 02075311717 or email us

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